Earlier this past November, the cross section of 24th and Mission streets – what some call the heart of the Mission – was filled with children, politicians, community organizers and residents rallying together to call for peace.


Nathan Allen walked on a slack line between two palm trees; his body was a silhouette on the horizon.  In the not so far distance, San Francisco’s metropolis buildings towered against the Indian summer sky. And the westward-setting sun turned the hundreds of residents and visitors lounging and gathering in the verdant grass of Dolores […]

Over a thousand gathered at the lagoon of Lake Merritt Dec. 5, 2016, to mourn and share love with one another under the December sky over the tragic 36 deaths from the Ghost Ship warehouse fire.

In 2010, the legalization of recreational use of marijuana was on the ballot in California with Proposition 19, which was ultimately defeated. Now, half a decade later, California voters will vote again on a new version of the proposition, Proposition 64. Proposition 64 calls for not only the legalization of recreational use of marijuana but […]

Over the past year, San Francisco has also seen an outcry against officer-involved shootings. San Francisco community-based coalitions – Justice and Love for Alex Nieto, Justice 4 Amilcar, and Justice 4 Mario Woods – arose out of officer-involved shootings. Since 2011 through June 2016, SFPD officers have shot and killed 18 individuals, according to the […]

The location of Foodhall, the Mission District, was strategically chosen for its balance of traffic, residents, tourists and locals. But Foodhall has met some opposition to their placement; some have vocalized online that the store is gentrifying the neighborhood.